LPN: In Conversation with… Hana Ward

Masters student Hana Ward joined the Library Peer Network on Wednesday to talk about her experiences as a working class student of colour at the University of Manchester. For a lot of students getting to UoM can be overwhelming and provoke feelings of not belonging or imposter syndrome. Hana discussed many of the reasons why this might exist, as well as the processes she went through to overcome it. She also spoke about starting IN:COLOUR, a zine for BAME creatives at UoM.

If you’re interested in contributing or would like to hear more, please do get in contact with former UoM student and current contributor, Sibia Akhtar: sibia.incolour@outlook.com

IN:COLOUR Issue One: Identity
person holding books in hand and backpack
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

As students we share many commonalities and our experiences with studying, planning our time and budgeting are some of them! We have some useful insights on our favourite studying spots, planning our time, and living on a student budget. We hope you learn from our experiences and enhance your own!

Experiences with studying: our favourite study and group study spots

Library Student Team

The University of Manchester Library Student Team

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