Meet the Library Student Team

The Library Student Team, as both Library staff, and current students, are an integral part of the Teaching, Learning and Students team at the Library. The team is composed of students from different levels of study, Faculty’s and background.

Library Student Team
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Top row from left to right: Fatima A, Jakub, Luke, Iqra, Lily Bottom row left to right: George, Salma, Isabella


The Library Student Team, as both Library staff, and current students, are integral in everything the Teaching, Learning and Students Team do. They help the team in immeasurable ways and have a number of core priorites and responsibilities, summarised below:

  • Supporting online and on-campus for MLE, MRE, SLS and Library partners​
  • Assisting in the creation and delivery of training skills sessions​
  • Assisting the development of learning resources for the student body ​
  • Producing and sharing content for the Library’s social media channel ​
  • Supporting TLS staff on a task commission basis

This is not at all a full picture of everything the Student Team can do, the best way to find out what they can support you with is by submitting a request for assistance using the Student Team Request Form. A few examples of their most recent achievements include:

  • Scripting, recording and editing a bi-weekly podcast for the Library’s UCIL course ‘Digital Society’
  • Designing and sharing infographics promoting the Library’s workshops and drop-ins
  • Supporting online and on-campus training sessions
  • Writing, editing and quality assuring blog posts
  • Writing copy for the Library’s social media channels

Jakub Lusnak


BSc Physics with Theoretical Physics

Hey! I am Jakub and I study physics, I am currently in my 3rd year! In the ST, I like to edit audio and video and talk to people about plans and ideas. If you need any help with anything, do not hesitate to email me!

Olivia Mak


PhD Psychology

Hey everyone! I’m in the final year of my PhD and did a MSc in Neuroimaging for Clinical & Cognitive Neuroscience here too. My undergraduate degree was in Psychology at York. I’m originally from Hong Kong and lived briefly in Vancouver before moving to Stockport when I was 3. In the Student Team, I mainly get involved in blog writing, video and podcast editing, quality assurance and social media. Besides my PhD and ST role, I write regularly as a Wellbeing Sub-editor for the Research Hive blog and occasionally volunteer at St Peter’s House. In my spare time, I like doing yoga, playing racket sports (I count table tennis in that!), listening to music, drinking bubble tea, travelling, reading or watching things in Spanish and writing poetry.

Fatima Abdullahi


BSc Material Science and Engineering

I am a second year Materials student and I grew up in Manchester.

Rachel Cox


PhD Fashion Management and Marketing

Hi everyone! I’m in my second year of my PhD in Fashion Management and Marketing. My topic focus explores the impact of information technology on garment workers. I previously graduated with a PGCert in Sociology in 2021 and a BSc in Fashion Buying and Merchandising from UoM in 2019. I’m originally from Cheshire but have visited Manchester since I was 11. I love music, reading, environmental and sustainability work, knitting, films, cooking and Yoga (qualified to teach too). Oh, and I love dachshunds too! I’m a member of the UoM Pole and Burlesque society which has been one of the most empowering experiences during my time at the University. Really looking forward to getting to know and work with you all and happy to answer your questions! :)

Isabella Teck


MEng Materials Science and Engineering

Hi, I am Isabella, a third year Materials science and Engineering student. In the student team I pick up tasks here and there, but mostly I manage the ST’s social media together with Olivia. If you need help with anything, do not hesitate to drop me a message!

Sara Knurowska


BSc (Hons) Biotechnology

Hello all! I am Sara, a Biotechnology student, interested in sustainability, the circular economy approach and applied science.

Nuura Ahmed


BA Architecture

Hi, I am currently in first year studying architecture at Manchester. I’m really interested in designing whether that be on the computer or by hand. I’m looking forward to get to know everyone on the team!

Iqra Malik


BSc Speech and Language Therapy

Hiya! I’m currently a second-year student and a new member of the student team, I have found it really exciting so far! I enjoy video-editing and all things social media. In my free time I love dancing, particularly South Asian dances which I have grown up performing. :)

Lily Pearson


PhD History

Hi! I’m in my second year of a PhD in History, and also did my Undergraduate and Master’s degrees at Manchester. I’ve been part of the student team for over a year now and still really enjoying being part of the team. Outside of my degree, I love watching sport (especially football!), going out to eat and going on walks!

Tabita-Gabriela Juravle


BA (Economics and Social Studies) Politics

Hey! I’m Tabita, a final year undergraduate studying Politics. Since my second year I became very interested in research, and I am always looking for opportunities that can help me develop my academic writing/researching skills. However, I like to think beyond academia and look at pop culture to create new connections between Politics and everyday life. When I am not talking about Politics and rambling about books, I am on the lookout for someone with whom to play board games, visit museums around Manchester, and watch the latest movies at Vue Printworks. This almost proves that I am an absolute introvert, but always trying to break the ice when it comes to building relationships with great people.

Dhruv Mistry



Hi! I’m in my third year of my MMath&Physics course. I have an interest in experimental and computational non-linear physics (fluids) and cosmology. I’m originally from West London, near Wembley but moved to Manchester for my studies. Besides my course, I spend time doing photography, from macro, street, landscape and sometimes astrophotography, and go out for adventures in caves or hikes. I like learning about art, cinematography, geography, geo-politics (not sure why) and play few games. I am also a member of the UoM robotics society. There’s so much to do but so little time! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me.

Stefan Nikolov


BA Law

Hi, I’m Stefan! I’m part of the Library Student Team, and I’m a final year Law student. Outside of my degree, I’m involved with Urban Lawyers North, a society that aims to increase access into the legal profession.

Luke Geike


BA Politics, Philosophy and Economics

Hey everyone! I’m a final year PPE undergraduate student, with a passion for climate justice. I have a love for academia and am looking to continue with my studies hopefully with a masters and a PHD delving further into the world of climate change and global capitalism! I love reading, playing piano and switching off my brain with video games. I’m a recent addition to the Student Library Team and I’m looking forward to working with a wonderful team of people.

Hui Ying Chia


BA Politics, Philosophy and Economics

Hi! My name is Hui (“hway”), and am in my final year studying PPE. I’m originally from Malaysia, but have lived in Shanghai for nine years prior to coming to Manchester. Outside of my course, I enjoy travelling, learning new languages, and playing the piano!


Hi, I’m Szaffi! I am a member of the Student Library Team and a second-year law student. I enjoy recording podcasts, learning new creative skills and incorporating student voices into impactful projects!


Hi! I’m Angelica and I’m part of the Library Student Team. I’m undertaking a Criminology degree, and enjoy reading in my spare time. I’m also heavily involved with The Gift Project, a collaborative community outreach project between UoM and MMU ISoc (@gift_project on IG).



Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB)

Hi, I’m Syeda. I’m a member of the library student team. I’m also a first-year medical student. In my spare time I enjoy crocheting, learning languages, and blogging about books😊

Student Team coordinators and intern


Matt Hallsworth


Sarah Kneen


TLS Intern

Sammie Barker




Library Student Team

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