Top Ten Tips: Group Work

Image of Top Tips Title — Group Work
Top Ten Tips — Group Work. MP3 version.

Top Tip 1

Make sure to keep up a positive attitude! Maintaining an optimistic frame of mind will help you all approach the task with a team mentality eradicating any conflict.

Image of Top Tip One Text — Keep a Positive Attitude

Top Tip 2

Everyone brings different skills to a group project — remember this and make sure that every member know they have something unique to contribute.

Image of Top Tip Two Text — Everyone Brings Different Skills

Top Tip 3

Assign roles! If everyone has something important to do you’ll all feel needed and collaboration will be far easier.

Image of Top Tip Three Text — Assign Roles

Top Tip 4

Set internal deadlines for yourselves so that you’re not all rushing to compile your work the night before the project is due.

Image of Top Tip Four Text — Set internal deadlines

Top Tip 5

Beware of free riding! If you expect to get by without contributing anything, you run the risk of alienating yourself from your team members and you won’t gain much from the project!

Image of Top Tip Five Text — Beware of Free Riding

Top Tip 6

Don’t forget to discuss your ideas! A group has a lot more potential to impress and academic by working together to come up with exciting solutions to the problems posed.

Image of Top Tip Six Text — Discuss Your Ideas

Top Tip 7

Create a plan before you begin! Not only will this ensure that everyone knows what they need to be doing and when, it will help you all to hone your time management skills.

Image of Top Tip Seven Text — Create a plan

Top Tip 8

Don’t forget to factor in coordination costs — you’ll need to spend time in meetings distributing tasks or collating ideas. Schedule time for this and don’t let it get you down!

Image of Top Tip Eight Text — Factor in Coordination Costs

Top Tip 9

Don’t ignore individual brainstorming! You’ll contribute better to the group of you come prepared and bring new ideas.

Image of Top Tip Nine Text — Individual Brainstorming

Top Tip 10

Remember that the main benefit of working in a group is the opportunity to collaborate with new people so keep an open mind and prepare to learn from your peers.

Image of Top Tip Ten Text — Learn From you Peers



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