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The Student Team is an important part of the Library, having a hand in lots of different projects across the library services. They use their unique talents to create resources and assist with Library-run workshops, along with helping to provide useful feedback on what the Library can do to improve student engagement.

“Working as part of the Student Team is great because you get to work with people with a range of backgrounds, professions and interests, from many parts of the world” one of the Student Team

Having a flexible work schedule to fit around University life and learning a range of new skills are some of the main perks of being on the Student Team. You also have the freedom to spend more time on the tasks that you enjoy and are passionate about such as, for example, leading a Library workshop or audio editing. The welcoming work environment makes it easy to ask questions to any of our friendly Student Team members!

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What kind of work the Student Team do

One of the main jobs that Student Team members do involves assisting at online and on-campus workshops, including those run by My Learning Essentials (MLE), My Research Essentials (MRE), Specialist Library Support and the Counselling Service. The Student Team are also responsible for promoting these workshops, along with the Library’s range of online resources, via the Library’s social media. Similarly, you can manage and lead your own project to teach other Student Team members that are interested in your area of expertise, whether that be social media, video editing or an ongoing project.

A few of the other things the Student Team do includes writing blogs, video editing, making podcasts, designing infographics, helping with widening participation, as well as much much more.

Working on the Student Team allows you to focus on your own personal and professional development, and there are always exciting opportunities to work in areas that you have an interest in. For example: the Leadership in Education Awards Programme (LEAP), which allows you to get a national qualification for teaching; being a mentor for the Library Peer Network; or working with other parts of the Library such as the John Rylands Research Institute and Library, or the Ahmed Iqbal Ullah RACE Centre.

Accomplishments of the ST (HEA fellowships and similar opportunities, LPN ‘Making a Difference’ award).

Here are a few of the accomplishments of the Student Team:

“Through this role, I’ve become a HEA Fellow, which again is something I wouldn’t have had the chance to do otherwise.”

“The Library Peer Network was nominated for the ‘Making a difference’ award at the University in 2021”

“Leadership in Education Awards Programme allows you to gain evidence for your participation in improving and supporting teaching and learning at The University of Manchester. This is great for me because I would like to go on to do a PhD and I know it will strengthen my applications.”

“Being on the Student Team has also given me the opportunity to represent the University at national conferences such as the RAISE Conference. This has enabled me to meet staff and students from other universities, to learn how they approach student engagement as well as accessibility and inclusivity in learning, and to suggest improvements to our practices.”



Library Student Team

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